Happy Coloring Book Day!

It’s National Coloring Book Day, and Cindy and I are celebrating our whimsical coloring and picture book, “There’s A Bug In My Rug!” Pick up a copy today for all those you know who like to color, and let the fun begin!  Click here to find it on Amazon!

We are working on several more books in the coloring book series, so stay tuned for more adventures to come!

“Miss Muffet & Bitsy: A Birthday Party” Now Available!

I am excited to announce that the second edition of the introductory book in the Miss Muffet & Bitsy series has been released!

Along with a new name, the rerelease of the original book contains a new fun kids’ craft after the story for the kiddos! You can find the book in paperback on Amazon by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy it, and please leave a review on Amazon if you can! Thanks so much, and happy reading! 🙂


Moments to Treasure

Exciting visit to J.L Boren Elementary!
Exciting visit to J.L Boren Elementary!

Inspiring young minds to read and write is a feeling like no other.

Yesterday, I was honored to present to five grades at J. L Boren Elementary in Mansfield, Texas. A shout-out goes to their amazing librarian, Kristy Moore, who did a fabulous job setting up the day-long event and was a gracious hostess.

Two moments during the day will remain in my mind forever.

The first was when a second-grader came to the library during lunch, about an hour after I had presented to her class. She brought with her the first book she had ever written, which she wrote in class after hearing me speak. She said she was inspired to write it after hearing me talk about writing and my books. The sweetheart had stapled all the pages together and read her “first book” to Kristy and me. Talk about warming the heart!

The next “forever” moment came when a young third-grader brought her mom in after school to purchase one of my books. She said that I had inspired her to start reading, and she couldn’t wait to start reading my novel!

Words can’t express how much the heart-felt words of these two darling children meant to me. I am truly honored to play a small part in inspiring these kids to read and write. Priceless!

JUST RELEASED! My latest picture book with illustrator Cindy Rodella Purdy – Miss Muffet & Bitsy: A Snow Day!



I am so thrilled to see “Snow Day” in print! Cindy knocked it out of the park with her illustrations, and after more than a year of work, we are excited to share it with you!

This is the second book in the “Miss Muffet & Bitsy” picture book series and is a fun holiday adventure. Miss Muffet and her best little spider friend, Bitsy, love snow days. They plan the perfect snow party and invite all their friends, but what will happen when everything goes topsy-turvy? Join us this holiday season to find out what happens!

Kids will fall in love with this new holiday classic!

Please click here to pick up your copy, and let me know what you think of the story! Happy reading!


Hammock “Read-of-the-Week” – Make Way For Ducklings

Robert McCloskey’s classic, Make Way For Ducklings, continues to be one of my all-time favorite children’s books, probably because my mom read it to my sister and me on a regular basis when we were young. Each time I come across a duck family attempting to cross the road (as happens occasionally near our neighborhood), I pull over and watch as they waddle toward a nearby creek or pond. Inevitably, this book springs to mind, and when I return home, I pull out the copy my mom used to read and hope that the family I saw has as good a life in their pond as Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. McCloskey’s drawings are timeless, and the expressions he gives the family are priceless. Make Way For Ducklings is a gem for all generations! Happy hammock reading!

This Saturday, August 22 – The East Texas Book Fest – BE THERE!!!


This Saturday, August 22 – The East Texas Book Fest – BE THERE!!!

Here comes a shout-out to all the voracious readers in east Texas this weekend! If you are in the Tyler area, or want a great road trip this weekend, come by table 3C at the Harvey Convention Center in Tyler and say hi! I (Muffet) will be there all day Saturday signing my books along with Murray Richter and about a hundred other authors. Books will be everywhere – there should be something for everyone!

See you there!

650 Kids … 4 Days … 1 Fun Week of School Visits!

Thank you Davis Middle School!

It was a week to remember! And it all started with MOON TEARS being integrated into the Language Arts curriculum at Davis Middle School in Georgia. I had the honor of speaking with two groups of 150 6th graders each at Davis, most of whom had read the book. The presentation incorporated writing techniques along with several interesting little-known aspects of World War II. The breadth of questions and insightful comments these amazing kids shared were beyond inspiring. I’m proud to call them the future of our country.

Signing bookmarks in the sound booth before the second talk

Each of the kids left with a bookmark and a pencil with which to begin their masterpieces!

A view of the crowd from the sound booth


One of the highlights was a first for me – signing arms! I think I may have just made it!

Signing arms and bookmarks
Signing arms and bookmarks

The next day was a fun trip to World Language Academy. Luckily, I was speaking to the one class of third graders in which the students are allowed to speak English. It was a good thing, or else I would have had to have found a Chinese, Spanish, and/or Portuguese interpreter! The kids were awesome, and we stretched the 30 minute visit to a full hour and 15 minutes.

Third graders at World Language Academy
Third graders at World Language Academy

Sugar Hill Elementary was my next visit. I spoke with five classes of fifth graders about what it’s like to be an author and what writers do all day. The kids were filled with enthusiasm and so eager to learn about writing and World War II.

With a class of inquisitive fifth graders at Sugar Hill
With a class of future authors at Sugar Hill
Presenting to a class of fifth graders at Sugar Hill
Presenting to a class of fifth graders at Sugar Hill

The final tour day was a return trip to Sugar Hill to read MISS MUFFET & BITSY to six classes of kindergartners and second graders. After story time, the kids tried on the props and became swashbucklers and party princesses for a day!

A beautiful princess experimenting reading with the magnifying glass.
Bitsy looks on as a beautiful princess experiments with the magnifying glass.
Arrgghh! A swashbuckler!
Arrgghh! A swashbuckler!
Celebrating a great week with kindergartners and second graders at Sugar Hill
Celebrating a great week with kindergartners and second graders at Sugar Hill

One of my favorite comments was from the teacher next door to the room I was in. Since we have screaming and cheering throughout MISS MUFFET & BITSY, her class said, “I wish we could be in there all day. They’re having ALL the fun!”

It was without a doubt a week to remember, and so thrilling to share my books with so many amazing kids!

“Miss Muffet & Bitsy” is now RELEASED!!

paperback and kindle

Miss Muffet & Bitsy is now available for sale online!

Cindy and I are so proud of the release of our first picture book and hope that it is enjoyed by kids and adults for many years to come!  The journey has been a long one, but we are honored to share this book with you and the world. Here is a brief description of the story:

“Miss Muffet & Bitsy is a new picture book series in which Little Miss Muffet and the Itsy Bitsy Spider meet.  In the lighthearted introductory book, Miss Muffet is terrified of spiders. It is Miss Muffet’s birthday, and her mother has invited all her friends and her new neighbor to her party. But what will happen when a spider knocks on the door? Will this be the worst birthday party ever? Join us in the first of many adventures in which friends start out with perfectly planned days and find out things don’t always go perfectly as planned. Throughout the series, Miss Muffet and Bitsy not only turn lemons into lemonade, but they turn them into rosemary-infused strawberry watermelon lemonade – a bit unexpected, yet delicious and fun!  Join us in this first tale in the Miss Muffet & Bitsy series!”

Miss Muffet & Bitsy is available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon! Click here to purchase from Amazon!

The paperback is also available at the Createspace eStore! Click here to purchase from Createspace!

We would love for you to check it out! And if you like it, please leave us a review on Amazon or Goodreads!


Miss Muffet & Bitsy will also be available on iBooks for Apple products in a few days!

Thank you all so much for your support throughout this first self-publishing adventure! Please let us know what you think!! We’re off to start working on the second book in the series!!

Getting Closer to Publication


In this day and age of instant gratification, it is sometimes difficult to be patient. But Cindy and I are being patient with the publication process so that our picture book “Miss Muffet & Bitsy” is as perfect and professionally published as possible.  We have one printed proof in hand (as seen in the photo) and a second one on the way. We also have the Kindle and iBooks versions ready to be proofed.  So it looks like our patience is paying off and publication is right around the corner!  The introductory book in the “Miss Muffet & Bitsy” series will be available as a physical softcopy book via Amazon, and as an eBook on Kindle and iBooks!  Stay tuned for the actual launch date!!

New Target Release for TSB’s First App!

As August has come and gone, so has our initial target date for the release of TSB’s first interactive app, “Miss Muffet and Bitsy.”  But never fear!  We continue to work feverishly to get this app out to you before the end of the year!  Cindy has completed the beautiful artwork, and we have been showing the preliminary app to focus groups of young children.  After incorporating all of the changes we would like to include, Eric will finish up the coding, and we will start the submission process hopefully before the new year rolls around!  Miss Muffet and Bitsy are eager to meet you, so hold tight!  They’ll be arriving soon to an iPad near you!