Where’s the Best Place to be in August? The East Texas Book Fest, of course!

Tyler, Texas is home to beautiful azaleas, roses, and, of course, the East Texas Book Fest!

August may not be peak azalea or rose season in Tyler, Texas, but it IS prime “East Texas Book Fest” season! About 100 authors, including myself and Murray Richter, will be on hand at the Harvey Convention Center in Tyler on August 22nd to chat with readers and “talk books.” There will be exhibits, reading and writing seminars, and presentations on literacy. Best of all, the event is FREE to the public! Check out www.etxbookfest.org or their FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/etxbookfest for all the details on the seventh annual East Texas Book Fest, and plan on heading to Tyler for a fun day! We’ll see you there! Muffet