Getting Closer to Publication


In this day and age of instant gratification, it is sometimes difficult to be patient. But Cindy and I are being patient with the publication process so that our picture book “Miss Muffet & Bitsy” is as perfect and professionally published as possible.  We have one printed proof in hand (as seen in the photo) and a second one on the way. We also have the Kindle and iBooks versions ready to be proofed.  So it looks like our patience is paying off and publication is right around the corner!  The introductory book in the “Miss Muffet & Bitsy” series will be available as a physical softcopy book via Amazon, and as an eBook on Kindle and iBooks!  Stay tuned for the actual launch date!!

New Target Release for TSB’s First App!

As August has come and gone, so has our initial target date for the release of TSB’s first interactive app, “Miss Muffet and Bitsy.”  But never fear!  We continue to work feverishly to get this app out to you before the end of the year!  Cindy has completed the beautiful artwork, and we have been showing the preliminary app to focus groups of young children.  After incorporating all of the changes we would like to include, Eric will finish up the coding, and we will start the submission process hopefully before the new year rolls around!  Miss Muffet and Bitsy are eager to meet you, so hold tight!  They’ll be arriving soon to an iPad near you!