Hammock “Read-of-the-Week” – Make Way For Ducklings

Robert McCloskey’s classic, Make Way For Ducklings, continues to be one of my all-time favorite children’s books, probably because my mom read it to my sister and me on a regular basis when we were young. Each time I come across a duck family attempting to cross the road (as happens occasionally near our neighborhood), I pull over and watch as they waddle toward a nearby creek or pond. Inevitably, this book springs to mind, and when I return home, I pull out the copy my mom used to read and hope that the family I saw has as good a life in their pond as Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. McCloskey’s drawings are timeless, and the expressions he gives the family are priceless. Make Way For Ducklings is a gem for all generations! Happy hammock reading!

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