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Muffet enjoys sharing both her books and the stories behind them. She offers presentations for every grade as well as conferences and seminars.

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Muffet Frische 2015 2016 School Visit Brochure


School & Library Presentations:


“My students loved learning how your cousin, Lou, inspired a great story. Receiving inside information about your writing process and research to create Moon Tears gave them an amazingly enriched reading experience! We enjoyed discovering more about the unique perspective of American children surviving while their parents served our country during World War II. Your book and presentation leave a lasting impression! Thank you!”

Janet Hart, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Davis Middle School, Flowery Branch, GA




“My students absolutely loved hearing the story! My classroom is beside the one you were presenting in, and my students said, “I wish we could be in there all day. They’re having ALL the fun!””

Meagan Williams, Kindergarten Teacher, Sugar Hill Elementary, Gainesville, GA


For Grades K-3:

When Nursery Rhymes Collide: The World of Miss Muffet & Bitsy

Join us for a peek into the world where Little Miss Muffet and the Itsy-Bitsy Spider meet. The real “Miss Muffet” reads the story and engages children with her interactive presentation including props, screams, and the soon-to-be-famous “Spider Pledge.” And students learn a little about spiders and tuffets along the way!


Third graders at World Language Academy
Third graders at World Language Academy

How’d You Think of That?

Muffet takes students on a journey along the path of creating a picture book. This hands-on presentation leads students on the way to their next masterpiece! She entertains students with lively examples of how Miss Muffet & Bitsy grew from a spider’s unlikely inspiration to a full-fledged picture book. And as an added extra, students get a sneak peek into her upcoming books!


For Grades 4-5:

What do Authors Do All Day?

How did you become a writer? And what do writers do all day? With this interactive presentation, students learn the ins-and-outs of an author’s day and find out what the career of a writer is like. Muffet includes students in the presentation as they come up with book ideas of their own and learn a few new things about history along the way!


With a class of inquisitive fifth graders at Sugar Hill
With a class of inquisitive fifth graders at Sugar Hill

Sooo…What was it like for an American kid during World War II?

What would it have been like to live during the early 1940’s? What would you be collecting at school for the war effort? How would you have helped your country? Learn about the intriguing life of a kid during the war in this unique presentation.


For Grades 6-12:

It All Starts with a Story to Tell…

During this fun, upbeat interactive talk, students hear first-hand what it is like to write a novel. From weaving an intriguing plotline, to creating a “setting” that draws you into another world, to developing characters that readers care about, Muffet walks students through the world behind Moon Tears. Writing stories that stem from real-life experiences makes reading and storytelling “real” to students. Students put themselves in the character’s shoes, “try on” their lives, and ask the key question: “What if…” This presentation leads students into fictional realms by unlocking their imaginations and sending them on a journey into the unknown.  Along the way, students get a sneak peek into the world of Muffet’s upcoming novel.


Getting going with the first talk of the day
Getting going with the first talk of the day


Little-Known Facts about World War II (Or What I Never Learned in School and had to Write a Novel to Find Out!)

Moon Tears is more than historical fiction. It is based on real events and provides a link to the past that gives students insight into what life was like and how people lived and survived during WWII. Muffet shows students comparisons between their lives today with that of another generation during the war. This presentation is chock-full of interesting snippets of history during the 1940’s that audiences from twelve to one-hundred and twelve find exciting, intriguing and jaw-dropping. You’ll have to keep count of how many times you hear, “That’s so cool! I didn’t know that!”




More of what’s being said…


“Muffet’s presentation was so much fun. The students were engaged with Muffet, and Bitsy, and most of all, the best birthday party ever!”

Patricia Vermillion, Media Center Coordinator, The Lamplighter School, Dallas, TX


“Keeping the value of Nursery Rhymes in mind, I love how Muffet Frische takes two characters, Little Miss Muffet and the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and puts them together in one story. What a fun meeting up of two nursery rhymes from an author that shares a name with one of the main characters! Super cool.”

Angela Henderson, Blogger,


“A fascinating account of a ragtag group of children trying to keep their remote California town alive while their parents serve on the battlefields and in the factories of WWII, Moon Tears is a touching story of youth’s resourcefulness and resiliency.”

Polly Holyoke, Award-Winning Author of The Neptune Project


“Astounding view of WWII America, and some of its almost lost history.”

Dawn Ventre, Vice Regent, DAR, Frisco, TX


“I found Muffet’s program to be very enlightening. Muffet has done her research well. I learned things about American History that are not taught in school.”

Julie Avedikian, Vice Regent, DAR, Plano, TX


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2015-2016 School & Library Visit Fees:


Schools and Libraries:

Within 250 miles of Dallas, TX:

One Presentation* (up to one hour): $295

Half-Day Visit* (two presentations up to one hour each): $395

Full-Day Visit* (three or four presentations up to one hour each): $595

*Plus travel expenses ($0.55 per mile for schools outside the Dallas area. A hotel room may be required.)


250 Miles and Beyond:

Full-Day Visit* (up to four presentations): $795

*Plus travel expenses: airfare, hotel, meals, etc.


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